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Phoronix Test Suite 5.8.1
Released on 23 June 2015


Phoronix The Phoronix Test Suite was developed out of the tools developed at since its founding in 2004. The Phoronix Test Suite is designed for Linux benchmarking but also supports other operating systems. Read more about the Phoronix Test Suite. was launched with Phoronix Test Suite 3.0 as a means of sharing benchmark results with the greater community, collectively collaborate over test results, store test profiles and test suites within a centralized cloud repository, and carry out other tests. Visit to learn more.


Phoromatic Phoromatic is an enterprise-designed component to the Phoronix Test Suite to centrally manage entire test farms/clusters of systems, carry out tests on a time or triggered basis, and provide support for other centralized test management purposes. Learn more at

Commercial Support

Commercial Support The Phoronix Test Suite's future development is dependent upon the continued support from organizations and other stakeholders taking advantage of this long-standing, open-source benchmarking software. We are happy to offer custom engineering services, commercial support, sponsorship of new open-source software features, custom test profiles, and other commercial support options for those interested in helping advance this automated Linux benchmarking software. Contact us to learn more.

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4 Changes

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.2
November 13, 2008

- pts-core: Fix bug in xorg_ddx_driver_info() that could have caused some driver versions to be misreported
- pts-core: Fix for possible regression (depending upon DRI driver) in IS_*_GRAPHICS setup
- pts-core: Temperature reporting fix in graphics_processor_temperature() that made it look like sometimes there was no sensor
- pts-core: Add "00" to HAL $remove_words
- pts-core: Add "none" to HAL $remove_words
- pts: Fix openal-development external dependency for ubuntu-packages.xml due to package name change in Ubuntu 8.10
- pts: Set file size to 256MB with compress-lzma test profile

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.1
November 8, 2008

- pts-core: Add support for reading X.Org module / driver versions using read_xorg_module_version()
- pts-core: Where applicable, report X.Org DDX driver and version to software information string
- pts-core: Fix RAM detection on Dell servers where "<OUT OF SPEC>" was string and then failed the XML to render (reported by pjwelsh)
- pts-core: Add "not specified" to HAL $remove_words
- pts-core: Revert trackerd from $check_process until better method is determined
- pts-core: Fix read warnings in SELinux detection
- pts-core: Improve *BSD operating system functions
- pts-core: Add support for OpenBSD 4.4
- pts: Add gcc-g++ to external dependencies support for Cent OS and Fedora (reported by pjwelsh)
- pts: Report 2D EXA/XAA acceleration mode in the test notes when running gtkperf test

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.0
November 3, 2008

- pts-core: Improve RAM model/speed/type identification
- pts-core: Fix showing Phoronix Global URLs in browser (reported by Marox)
- pts-core: Add Tracker (trackerd) to $check_processes
- pts-core: Add support for checking if SELinux is enabled/running
- pts-core: Improve reporting of system RAM information when not all DMI data is present
- pts-core: Add -L argument to curl to follow download links
- pts-core: Add support in read_osx_system_profiler() to read multiple objects
- pts-core: Add support for reading detailed RAM information on Mac OS X
- pts-core: Add support for reading detailed RAM information on OpenSolaris using DMI
- pts-core: Fix bug that caused installation of multiple Cascading Test Profiles to only go one level deep
- pts-core: Rework code to pts_hw_string() and pts_sw_string()
- pts-core: Add timed kill infrastructure to kill a process from a test script by calling $TIMED_KILL <process_name> <time_in_seconds>
- pts: Switch tandem-xml test profile to using $PHP_BIN instead of calling php (thus allows it to run where PHP isn't part of their path, such as Solaris)
- pts: Switch pts-graph test profile to using $PHP_BIN instead of calling php (thus allows it to run where PHP isn't part of their path, such as Solaris)
- pts: Add additional run-time tests for x11perf test profile
- pts: Update insertion count to 12,500 for sqlite test profile
- pts: Update unigine-tropics test profile against Tropics 1.1 from Unigine Corp
- pts: Update unigine-sanctuary test profile against Sanctuary 2.1 from Unigine Corp
- pts: Drop test profile named wine for running WINE git code since it looks like it's never used anymore and poorly named
- pts: Add wine-unstable base test profile that provides WINE 1.1.7
- pts: Add wine-humus-tests base test profile that extends wine-unstable and provides functionality for tests
- pts: Add wine-vf2 test for a WINE-driven OpenGL Volumetric Fogging test
- pts: Add wine-cloth test that uses WINE
- pts: Add wine-domino test that uses WINE
- pts: Add wine-fire2 test that uses WINE
- pts: Add wine-hdr test that uses WINE
- pts: Add wine-metaballs test that uses WINE
- pts: Add wine-water test that uses WINE
- pts: Add wine-graphics test suite that contains all WINE graphics tests
- pts: Drop system-memory test suite since it's basically the same as the memory test suite
- pts_Graph: Support resizing the font size in write_text_center() if it's too large to fit within the bounding box
- pts: Add Qt4 development files to external dependencies through qt4-development generic name
- pts: Ensure all *-devel generic names are now named *-development
- pts: Add qgears2 test profile for a Qt graphics test that can test XRender and OpenGL
- pts: Add xrender test suite for tests that use the X11 RENDER extension
- update_checker: Fix version recognition / comparison
- documentation: Bring all documentation up-to-date with Orkdal

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.0 Beta 2
October 27, 2008

- pts-core: Only call a PTS SH module if the command being called is in pts_module_processes() but no pts_module_events() support
- pts-core: Add result-info option for showing basic information about a saved result file
- pts-core: Improve motherboard detection for vendors that report a version string of "1234567890" (such as Super Micro)
- pts-core: Move and from pts-core/scripts/ to pts-core/test-libraries/
- pts-core: Rename pts-core/pts-results-viewer/ to pts-core/results-viewer/
- pts-core: Move some abstracted shell commands to new pts-functions_shell.php file
- pts-core: Add pts_move_file() function for moving a file that abstracts the shell_exec command
- pts-core: Add pts_extract_file() for extracting a tar file that abstracts the shell_exec command
- pts-core: Add pts_run_shell_script() for extracting a sh script that abstracts the shell_exec command
- pts-core: Add base/ support to locally stored test profiles and resources
- pts-core: Create TEST_ENV_DIR and SAVE_RESULTS_DIR directories on start-up
- pts-core: Copy the Xorg.0.log when saving system details
- pts-core: Output dmesg when saving system details
- pts: Update build-php php-5.2.5 download links
- pts: Add new mirrors for lzma-4.32.6.tar.gz in compress-lzma test profile since current ones have been removed

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.0 Beta 1
October 23, 2008

- pts-core: Improve detection of graphics cards using common open-source drivers
- pts-core: Fix regression in pts_trim_double() that would return an array instead of float-formatted string
- pts-core: Add support for detecting php binary at /usr/php/bin/php
- pts-core: Improve OpenSolaris hardware detection with motherboard and processor
- pts-core: Make micro-timer framework use $PHP_BIN instead of php so that it can run on OpenSolaris
- pts-core: Fix bug in pts_contained_tests() that caused Phoronix Global IDs to not be detected
- pts-core: Track motherboard, processor, OS, and compiler version when a test is installed, and if any one ends up getting changed, force re-install of that test
- pts-core: Unify pts_test_generate_install_xml() and pts_test_refresh_install_xml() into pts_test_refresh_install_xml()
- pts-core: Don't report "Test Configuration" header for tests where there are no configuration options
- pts-core: Add and implement pts_test_result() class
- pts-core: Delete pts-results-description, pts-test-version, and pts-results-scale after reading them
- pts-core: Add pts_add_test_note() function for reporting items to list in the test notes of saved results
- pts-core: Allow test profiles to append a test note to a results file by writing the information to pts-test-note in the test installation directory
- pts-core: Change directory to the test installation directory before running / post.php
- pts-core: Unify running pre/post/parse-results script running with pts_call_test_script()
- pts-core: Support pts_call_test_script() using Cascading Test Profiles so that extended pre/post/parse-results scripts can be run
- pts-core: Move ExternalDependencies tag location from TestInformation to Test Profile block (This breaks compatibility with earlier test profiles!)
- pts-core: Start reordering and optimizing pts-functions-run.php code
- pts-core: Allow select objects to be exposed to PTS modules when calling them, by passing them as the second argument in pts_module_call()
- pts-core: When removing a saved result, remove the SVG files too (just not PNG)
- pts-core: Support for reading HDD model on Mac OS X (currently SATA only and limited to a single drive)
- pts-core: Rework downloads.xml code to use pts_objects_test_downloads() with pts_test_file_download() class
- pts-core: Clean-up test install code and move External Dependencies code to pts-functions-install_dependencies.php
- pts-core: Pass select variables to PTS modules and describe the functionality in pts_module_interface
- pts-core: Support for running a test from a PTS graph file that's rendered as an SVG and then the user will be prompted with available choices
- pts-core: Add support for reading DMI information from dmidecode where available through the read_dmidecode() function
- pts-core: Add Linux support for reading DIMM speed, capacity, and bank information through DMI
- pts-core: Add __event_global_upload to PTS modules support for calling this function and passing the Phoronix Global URL when results have been uploaded
- pts: Update espeak test profile with eSpeak engine 1.39
- pts: Change run-count for gtkperf test profile from 2000 to 5000
- pts: Drop etc/ folder full of XML template files
- pts: Fix compress-* test profiles with the proper 2GB file size
- pts: OpenSolaris External Dependencies XML was named opensolaris-package.xml when it should be named opensolaris-packages.xml, now fixed
- pts: Update all test profiles as to whether they support Solaris/OpenSolaris
- pts: Add nevada test suite for key OpenSolaris tests
- pts: Add java-environment base test that provides the java external dependency and reports Java version to test notes
- pts: Update the location of the ExternalDependencies tag in all relevant test profiles
- pts: Set TimesToRun to 5 in timed-audio-encode base test
- pts: Add bork test profile for Java Bork File Encrypter test
- pts: Set TimesToRun to 3 for timed-build instead of 1
- pts_Graph: Write Y-axis title horizontally along the top of the graph instead of vertically
- pts_Graph: Round all dimensions and coordinates when using the SVG renderer

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.0 Alpha 3
October 14, 2008

- pts-core: Fix regression that broke compatibility to run phoronix-test-suite benchmark <Phoronix Global ID>
- pts-core: Embed hidden information in the SVG graph files that identify the test, GlobalID, and user, to provide new end-user options in the future
- pts-core: Don't complain about test mismatch in merge function if using a Global ID
- pts-core: Prepatory work for SVG-driven test execution / identification
- pts-core: Add support for reading hard disk model number and true disk capacity
- pts-core: Fix CPU frequency detection for Intel Xeon LV processors and potentially other CPU families
- pts-core: If PTS micro-timer is less than three seconds, return zero as the test likely failed
- pts-core: Add RunMode tag to suite XML and if it's set to "PCQS", enable IS_PCQS_MODE
- pts-core: Add RequiresCoreVersion tag if the test profile is only compatible with select versions of the Phoronix Test Suite
- pts-core: Keep a running average how long it takes to run a given test. This is stored in the AverageRunTime tag within the pts-install.xml
- pts-core: Show average run-time with info <test> command
- pts-core: Don't pass $test_results as an argument to or parse-results.php with tests using $LOG_FILE
- pts-core: Change format of list-test-usage
- pts-core: When running list-suites, don't show suites that aren't supported at all by the installed software/hardware and indicate only partially supported suites
- pts-core: Add average run-time to list-test-usage
- pts-core: Restructure the end-user run-time variables code and add support for $HOSTNAME
- pts-core: Dump end-user run-time variables with diagnostics option
- pts: Move more test profiles to using $LOG_FILE for result information
- pts: Update openssl test profile to OpenSSL version 0.9.8i
- pts: Update encode-mp3 test profile to LAME version 3.98.2
- pts: Update sqlite test profile to SQLite version 3.6.3
- pts: Update ramspeed test profile to RAMspeed version 2.5.2
- pts: With gnupg test profile use a 2GB file to encrypt instead of 1GB
- pts: With compress-gzip test profile use a 2GB file to compress instead of 1GB
- pts: With compress-lzma test profile use a 2GB file to compress instead of 1GB
- pts: With compress-pbzip2 test profile use a 2GB file to compress instead of 1GB
- pts: Many test profile updates
- pts: Mandatory major version bump for most test profiles
- pts_Graph: Set viewbox in SVG renderer
- documentation: Update profile writing how-to with latest pts-core features
- system_monitor: Add support for using the SVG renderer in pts_Graph

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.0 Alpha 2
October 6, 2008

- pts-core: Improve AMD motherboard chipset detection
- pts-core: Add detection support for ATI/AMD Southbridge parts
- pts-core: Strip "Host Bridge" in pts_clean_information_string()
- pts-core: Strip "DRAM Controller" in pts_clean_information_string()
- pts-core: When rebuilding the modules-config.xml table, check if the module exists for each identifier otherwise remove it from the list
- pts-core: Add support for installing the Phoronix Certification & Qualification Suite with user agreement support
- pts-core: Add IS_FIRST_RUN_TODAY that is set to TRUE if this is the first time PTS has been run that day
- pts-core: Add pts_available_tests_array(), pts_installed_tests_array(), and pts_available_suites_array()
- pts-core: Use pts_test_tandem_XmlReader() in list-tests option
- pts-core: Fix regression that caused info <test> with a valid test identifier not to be recognized
- pts-core: Add PostRunMessage tag for showing the user a message after the test has run
- pts-core: Add PostInstallMessage tag for showing the user a message after the test has run
- pts-core: Add PreRunMessage tag to the suite specification for showing the user a message before testing begins (similar to PreRunMessage in tests)
- pts-core: Add PostRunMessage tag to the suite specification for showing the user a message before testing begins (similar to PostRunMessage in tests)
- pts-core: Add support for OS-specific test profiles through <OS_PREFIX>_<test> name but is accessible by just running <test>
- pts-core: Don't call wget directly to download files but use pts_download()
- pts-core: Set user-agent in pts_download() to PhoronixTestSuite/<PTS Codename>
- pts-core: Add support for using curl to download files instead of just wget
- pts-core: Clean-up SH module calls by using the new pts_sh_module_call()
- pts-core: Add pts_remove() as a recursive file/directory removing function
- pts-core: Fix fatal error with list-modules when a module unloads itself and is then re-included
- pts-core: Clean-up PHP module calls by using the new pts_php_module_call()
- pts-core: Add pts_module_call() as a meta function for pts_sh_module_call() and pts_php_module_call()
- pts-core: Move Phoronix Global tag creation code into pts_promt_user_tags()
- pts-core: Move test note creation code for saved results into pts_generate_test_notes()
- pts-core: Update upload-results to use new functions
- pts-core: Various minor improvements in pts-run-cmd.php
- pts-core: Move test option handling to using pts_test_options() and new pts_test_option() objects
- pts-core: Fix regression from Alpha 1 that caused no test information to be reported with list-test-usage option
- pts-core: Add ArgumentPrefix tag to test profile support as a replacement to using the ArgumentName tag
- pts-core: Add ArgumentPostfix tag that is a string to be post-fixed to the end of the argument, similar to ArgumentName/ArgumentPrefix
- pts-core: Add $LOG_FILE environmental variable during testing that the test profiles can write their log file / results to
- pts-core: Add option to user-config.xml in SaveBenchmarkLogs with setting to TRUE will backup any tests utilizing the log file ($LOG_FILE)
- pts-core: In user-config.xml, change LogVerboseSystemDetails tag to SaveSystemDetails
- pts-core: If SAVE_BENCHMARK_LOGS environmental variable is set, is the same as setting SaveBenchmarkLogs to TRUE for that run
- pts-core: If SAVE_SYSTEM_DETAILS environmental variable is set, is the same as setting SaveSystemDetails to TRUE for that run
- pts-core: Start on IS_PCQS_MODE define
- pts-core: Cleanup pts-functions_system.php and move most of it to pts-functions_system_hardware.php and pts-functions_system_software.php
- pts-core: Drop $OS from pts_env_variables() as instead test profile maintainers should use $OPERATING_SYSTEM
- pts-core: Switch back to using read_amd_pcsdb() with read_amd_pcsdb_direct_parser() fallback instead of just read_amd_pcsdb_direct_parser() in hopes AMD doesn't break aticonfig again
- pts-core: Add support for using hddtemp to read hard disk drive temperature on Linux
- pts-core: graphics_gpu_usage() returns -1 on failure
- pts-core: Add support for reading software and hardware information on Mac OS X
- pts-core: Use open command to launch web browser on Mac OS X
- pts-core: Add UnsupportedPlatforms tag to test profiles, which is evaluated the opposite of SupportedPlatforms
- pts-core: Add PlatformSpecific tag to download file XML for OS-specific files
- pts-core: Add ArchitectureSpecific tag to download file XML for hardware architecture-specific files
- pts-core: When RandR detection fails in xrandr_available_modes(), apply some logic to sort the stock modes that should work
- pts-core: Add in a micro-timer framework that is platform universal
- pts-core: Implement support for
- pts-core: Default to 3 runs for each test
- pts-core: Reformat list-tests for better alignment and not showing redundant information
- pts-core: Add remove-installed-test to remove a test installation
- pts-core: Add a index.html forwarder to each result file and have the launch browser script open that, since on some systems .xml opens up in an editor instead of browser by default
- pts-core: When installing a suite and a test fails to download a file due to an MD5 mismatch, continue on with next test instead of exiting
- pts-core: Avoid over-using pts_exit() and replace with improved logic
- pts-core: Add support for backing up downloads to the cache from base tests being extended
- pts: Move pcqs tests out of tree
- pts: Switch all relevant test profiles using ArgumentName to using ArgumentPrefix
- pts: Move the byte test profile to using the new $LOG_FILE capability for an example and for testing
- pts: Move over all relevant tests to using the new universal micro-timer functionality
- pts: Add darwin test suite for the main Mac OS X tests
- pts: Add mac-packages.xml that contains the location of the OpenAL framework since it ships by default with OS X so suppress the warning message
- pts_Graph: Provide experimental SVG rendering support for graphing objects, more tweaking, testing, and improvements still needed
- update_checker: Move code to check for PTS updates out of pts-core and into its own module
- system_monitor: Add support for monitoring hard drive temperature using hdd.temp through system_hdd_temperature() within pts-core
- install-sh: Remove the Phoronix Test Suite shared and documentation files prior to copying over new files, in case some files were changed removed in new release

Phoronix Test Suite 1.4.0 Alpha 1
September 18, 2008

- pts-core: Change test/suite type strings to define statements
- pts-core: Add test type caching support
- pts-core: Create the unified PTS test/suite type handler
- pts-core: Clean-up some test installation functions
- pts-core: Provide new architecture for test/suite checking through the type handler
- pts-core: Drop PTS_USER_DIR usage
- pts-core: Add support for having tests and suites stored locally within ~/.phoronix-test-suite/ as an option for users installing new tests/suites or third-party files
- pts-core: Add support so that a test profile can extend another test, for Cascading Test Profile support. This is similar to inheritance in programming languages or Cascading Style Sheets.
- pts-core: Add in support for Self-Contained Test Profiles (SCTP) that initiate the Phoronix Test Suite and runs a stand-alone test
- pts-core: A test profile isn't real: likely incomplete or just a base test within a Self-Contained Test Profile extension
- pts-core: Report identifiers of test profiles being extended to the test profiles being run
- pts-core: Drop PTS shared download support for test profiles, instead they should be using the Cascading Test Profiles functionality
- pts-core: Don't allow the user to save a test result file if it's the same name as a real test profile or test suite
- pts-core: Add Mac OS X operating system detection support (using the IS_MACOSX define)
- pts-core: Improve VirtualBox virtualization detection for guest operating systems running
- pts-core: Add $COMPILER and $VIDEO_DRIVER user variables when saving the results and supplying the test identifier
- pts-core: Let the size of files being downloaded be specified individually within the test's downloads.xml profile instead of a generic one through the test profile XML file
- pts-core: When downloading files for tests, don't first download the file to the PTS temporary directory, but just rename it initially within the test's environment directory
- pts-core: When running a test (or suite that contains a test) on an unsupported architecture or platform, don't abruptly exit
- pts-core: Add module_setup() to pts_module_interface for returning an array of objects that can be configured by the end-user
- pts-core: Add support for persistent configuration options that end-users can easily adjust for PTS modules by running "phoronix-test-suite module-setup MODULE-NAME" that are stored to ~/.phoronix-test-suite/modules-config.xml
- pts-core: Add pts_module::set_option() function to allow a module itself to set a persistent configuration option
- pts-core: Add PTS_QUIT module return type for having the Phoronix Test Suite stop immediately and prematurely (this should only be used in the event of reaching a fatal bug or other problem)
- pts-core: Have the Phoronix Test Suite check once a day to see if the version in use is the latest version, otherwise inform the user of an available update
- pts-core: Add fall-back support for reading the PCI subsystem vendor if the motherboard vendor can't be determined using the other HAL information
- pts-core: Add a PreInstallMessage tag for test profiles that will be shown to the user prior to installing the test
- pts-core: Don't have PreRunMessage or PreInstallMessage hang when in batch mode
- pts-core: pts_find_file() -> pts_find_result_file()
- pts-core: Add initial support for detecting the motherboard Southbridge where applicable
- pts-core: Omit OEM in read_hal()
- pts-core: With list-tests, don't list tests that aren't compliant with the running system's architecture and platform
- pts-core: Add support so test options can be set as an environment variable by using <TEST NAME UPPER_CASE>_<NUM OPTION>=<INDEX OF REQUEST>
- pts-core: Switch to using php_uname() in pts-init.php
- pts-core: Add support for reading all ATI forced anti-aliasing types: Box, Narrow-tent, Wide-tent, and Edge-detect
- pts: Switch all audio encoding tests to extend a timed-audio-encode base test instead of all tests having some of the same code copied throughout
- pts: Switch all build tests to extend a timed-build base test instead of all tests having some of the same code copied throughout
- pts: Switch all video tests to extend a video-sample base test instead of all tests having some of the same code copied throughout
- pts: Change all current and relevant test profiles shipping the Phoronix Test Suite to using the FileSize tags within their downloads.xml files
- pts: Improve the reported environment size for many of the test profiles
- pts: Update compress-7zip test profile to use p7zip 4.58
- pts: Add World of Padman test profile (named padman)
- pts: Add padman to ioquake3-games test suite
- pts: Update Mandriva Linux packages XML file (Thanks To Stéphane Téletchéa)
- tandem_Xml: Add a pts_test_tandem_XmlReader object that extends tandem_XmlReader but takes advantage of the handleXmlZeroTagFallback
- tandem_Xml: Add fallback function handler support when a tag isn't found
- graphics_event_checker: Add graphics_event_checker module that makes sure the graphics system isn't messed up or having unintended options enabled while tests are running
- graphics_event_checker: Merge the gpu_error_counter module functionality into the graphics_event_checker module
- timed_screenshot: A module that takes a screenshot while tests are running at a pre-defined interval
- documentation: Add basic documentation concerning the Self-Contained Test Profiles (SCTP) XML tags that are added