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Latest Release
Phoronix Test Suite 5.8.1
Released on 23 June 2015


Phoronix The Phoronix Test Suite was developed out of the tools developed at since its founding in 2004. The Phoronix Test Suite is designed for Linux benchmarking but also supports other operating systems. Read more about the Phoronix Test Suite. was launched with Phoronix Test Suite 3.0 as a means of sharing benchmark results with the greater community, collectively collaborate over test results, store test profiles and test suites within a centralized cloud repository, and carry out other tests. Visit to learn more.


Phoromatic Phoromatic is an enterprise-designed component to the Phoronix Test Suite to centrally manage entire test farms/clusters of systems, carry out tests on a time or triggered basis, and provide support for other centralized test management purposes. Learn more at

Commercial Support

Commercial Support The Phoronix Test Suite's future development is dependent upon the continued support from organizations and other stakeholders taking advantage of this long-standing, open-source benchmarking software. We are happy to offer custom engineering services, commercial support, sponsorship of new open-source software features, custom test profiles, and other commercial support options for those interested in helping advance this automated Linux benchmarking software. Contact us to learn more.

Phoronix Test Suite 2.0 Changes

Phoronix Test Suite 2.0.0 "Sandtorg"
August 4, 2009

- pts-core: Don't prompt for download mirror selection if the option is enabled, but running from the GUI
- pts-core: Don't report "Comparison" multiple times when using the reference-comparison option
- phodevi: Add LXDE desktop environment detection
- pts: Add two more reference comparison systems
- pts: minion test profile updates
- pts: Update workstation-graphics test suite

Phoronix Test Suite 2.0.0 Beta 4
July 28, 2009

- pts-core: For the "all" virtual suite, don't include tests that have a ResultFormat of NO_RESULT, PASS_FAIL, or MULTI_PASS_FAIL
- pts-core: Clean-up pts_test_file_download object
- pts-core: For GTK2 GUI change around event reporting for test installation
- pts-core: Don't require trailing slash for user-config.xml paths
- pts-core: Properly handle test profiles with no files to be downloaded in pts_test_download_files_locally_available()
- pts-core: When using run-test in a batch mode and automated mode, but batch-setup hasn't been run, don't output an error
- pts-core: Few fixes for Phoronix Global comparisons from GTK2 GUI interface
- pts-core: Don't list test results when they are just the reference system comparison IDs from Phoronix Global
- phodevi: Fix regression that caused system and CPU temperatures to not be reported through LM_Sensors interface
- phodevi: Don't report disk size on hard disk identifier string when size equals 1GB, since that would be due to incorrect size
- pts: Fix prey test profile bug in key location detection for key test profile by using $DEBUG_REAL_HOME in test install script
- pts: Update boost packages for ubuntu-packages.xml external dependencies
- pts: For vdrift test profile, don't grab the mouse
- pts: Add glut as an external dependency to supertuxkart test profile
- pts: Update compress-pbzip2 test profile to use 256MB compression file
- documentation: Add Frequently Asked Questions
- documentation: Add PTS Desktop Live
- documentation: Few small updates

Phoronix Test Suite 2.0.0 Beta 3
July 21, 2009

- pts-core: Small bug fixes and code clean-ups throughout
- pts-core: Add new functionality to reference system comparison function
- pts-core: Fixes for Phoronix Global log-in from GTK2 GUI
- pts-core: More efficient pts_result_file object
- pts-core: Don't let the same reference system result be merged into a test result when it was already merged
- pts-core: Allow unique test run identifiers to be repeated if the new test run contains no repeated tests from result file
- pts-core: Fix bug where tests that use Cascading Test Profiles would not have their extensions installed in a virtual suite
- phodevi: Don't try calling glxinfo when it's not available
- phodevi: Don't report PCI revision for graphics card model string
- phodevi: Fixes for DragonFly BSD support
- phodevi: Add support for reading motherboard information from new ACPI oid with sysctl on *BSD
- phodevi: Add basic file-system detection support on *BSD
- pts: Update unigine-sanctuary test profile to Unigine Sanctuary 2.2
- pts: Update unigine-tropics test profile to Unigine Tropics 1.2
- pts: Update download locations in etqw-demo test profile
- pts: Update vdrift test profile against vDrift 2009-06-15
- pts: Update OpenSuSE External Dependencies
- pts: Add External Dependencies support for DragonflyBSD through the NetBSD pkgsrc support
- pts: Update Mandriva Linux External Dependencies
- pts: Add supertuxkart test profile for SuperTuxKart racing game

Phoronix Test Suite 2.0.0 Beta 2
July 7, 2009

- pts-core: Only show Installed Suites tab in GTK2 GUI when there is at least one suite installed
- pts-core: Fix for undefined variable with test description when calling 2+ suites to run in batch mode
- pts-core: Add notify_send_events module for reporting test installation/run statuses to notification daemon
- pts-core: Add GSID for Phoronix Global usage
- pts-core: Allow suites to override test options / XML values for a test profile from within a suite by using the OverrideTestOptions tag
- pts-core: Add TOTAL_LOOP_TIME environmental variable for having pts-core run a loop of the specified test(s) until certain time is reached
- pts-core: Add TOTAL_LOOP_COUNT environmental variable for having pts-core run a loop of the specified test(s) a specified number of times
- pts-core: Add user-config-set option for allowing user configuration values to be set through PTS instead of modifying XML
- pts-core: Add user-config-get option for reading user configuration option values
- pts-core: Rename initial-config user option to user-config-reset
- pts-core: Build result-info option capabilities into generic info command
- pts-core: Small bug fixes and code clean-ups throughout
- phodevi: Add NILFS2 file-system detection support
- pts: Add tcl to PTS External Dependencies
- pts: Small OpenSolaris updates
- pts: Add perl as an external dependency to build-imagemagick
- pts: Fix lightsmark test profile when running in the test suites
- pts: Update PostgreSQL to version 8.4.0 in pgbench test profile
- pts: Update wine-unstable base test profile to WINE 1.1.25

Phoronix Test Suite 2.0.0 Beta 1
June 14, 2009

- pts-core: Fix system monitoring reporting of values in test results
- pts-core: Proper handling of line graphs in test results
- pts-core: Make all test extensions available through environmental variables, helpful when a test extends a test
- pts-core: Rewrite analyze-batch option entirely and use new pts_result_file_analyze manager engine and other new features
- pts-core: Support setting up the XSL results viewer when running the refresh-graphs command
- pts-core: Disable PCQS suite downloader
- pts-core: With GTK2 GUI, only show "Installed Tests" tab when there are tests installed
- pts-core: Support checking /var/cache/phoronix-test-suite/ as a possible PTS download-cache directory
- pts-core: Fix test options not showing up when selecting a single test to run from the GTK2 GUI
- pts-core: Support different default user-config.xml options when running the PTS live OS
- pts-core: Support different defaults in GTK2 GUI when running the PTS live OS
- pts-core: When selecting multiple tests/suites from GTK2 GUI, support both installing and running tests from the benchmark button click
- pts-core: Set tries to 3 when using wget downloader
- pts-core: Don't overflow the test options window when there are many tests/options to be displayed
- pts-core: Add a colored header bar along the top of the GTK2 GUI for indicating important buttons/events rather than using the main frame
- pts-core: Fix in reference-comparison support for handling reference systems that have multiple result sets
- phodevi: Add a few more video modes to phodevi_gpu to ignore
- pts: Update mpich2 in mrbayes test profile
- pts: Add mplayer-base base test profile for providing installation of new mplayer/mencoder build with XvMC/VDPAU/etc
- pts: Switch video-extensions test profile to using mplayer-base and support testing VDPAU
- pts: Add video-cpu-usage test profile to monitor CPU usage during video playback with different video outputs
- pts: Switch mencoder test profile to using mplayer-base for its mplayer/mencoder build
- pts: Add desktop-graphics suite
- pts: Add cpu suite
- pts: Add workstation-graphics suite
- pts: Add server-motherboard suite
- pts: Update linux-system, netbook test suites
- pts: Support PTS External Dependencies on the PTS Linux OS
- pts: Compiler fix for nero2d test profile
- pts: Update PTS External Dependencies support for Fedora x86_64

Phoronix Test Suite 2.0.0 Alpha 3
June 1, 2009

- pts-core: Add result-file-to-text option for outputting result file/results to the terminal
- pts-core: Add result-file-to-csv option for outputting result file/results to CSV
- pts-core: Add external dependencies window to GTK2 GUI for showing installed/missing test dependencies
- pts-core: Various code cleaning and function enhancements
- pts-core: Only initialize the system tray icon for GTK2 GUI when GtkStatusIcon is available
- pts-core: Add pts_test_notes_manager
- pts-core: Add support for test run scripts to write a test-exit-status where if it's set to a value not 0 it means test run failed
- pts-core: Fix regression in pts_format_time_string() in Alpha 2 that caused the minutes to be calculated wrong
- pts-core: Add estimate-run-time option for providing a detailed estimate of how much time is needed to run a test/suite/result file
- pts-core: Add install-time support for skipping test installations using SKIP_TESTS
- pts-core: Few PHP warning fixes
- pts-core: Updates for OpenSolaris support
- pts-core: When a test install fails based upon install-exit-status, remove pts-install.xml
- pts-core: Add bash auto-completion support for basic PTS commands
- pts-core: Add $PTS_TEST_ARGUMENTS environmental variable during testing that contains a copy of the arguments set for that test run
- pts-core: Output download URL when a download fails / MD5 checksum doesn't match
- pts-core: Add validate-test-profile option to catch common errors/warnings when writing a test profile
- pts-core: Add validate-test-suite option to catch common errors/warnings when writing a test suite
- pts-core: Add menu item to GTK2 GUI for showing tests where all needed test files are available locally or in download cache
- pts-core: When a test installation fails based upon a non-zero exit status, wipe out the files it created during the install process
- pts-core: Support showing suites with and without where all external dependencies are satisfied and where test files available locally
- phodevi: Improve file-system detection, add detection for Btrfs instead of reporting 0x9123683e
- phodevi: Add monitor name detection support when using NVIDIA graphics
- phodevi: Move a few minor properties from phodevi_gpu to phodevi_monitor
- phodevi: Add support for OpenSolaris 2009.06
- pts: Add kernel test suite
- pts: Update jxrendermark test profile against JXRenderMark 1.0.1
- pts: Update OpenSolaris External Dependencies
- pts: Add postmark test profile for NetApp's PostMark disk benchmark
- pts: Add blogbench test profile for testing filesystem / disk performance similar to load produced by a web-blog server
- pts: Add n-queens test profile for N-Queens OpenMP benchmark
- pts: Add openmp test suite for containing tests that use OpenMP
- pts: Update espeak test profile to eSpeak version 1.40.02
- pts: Update nearly all test profiles to take advantage of exit status feature in PTS 2.0
- pts: Trivial clean-ups in the scripts for a majority of the test profiles
- pts: Finish replacing $THIS_DIR with $HOME in test profile installation scripts
- pts: Conserve space in some test profiles by removing files that are not needed
- pts: Add more download mirrors for files in many of the test profiles
- pts: Update md-gromacs test profile to version 4.0.5
- pts: Update mafft test profile to version 6.706
- bilde_renderer: Support interfacing for Phoromatic server usage

Phoronix Test Suite 2.0.0 Alpha 2
May 24, 2009

- pts-core: Fix for showing tests in the GTK2 GUI from Alpha 1
- pts-core: Various GTK2 GUI improvements
- pts-core: Add 1.77 ratio to available modes in phodevi_gpu for supporting 1920 x 1080 resolution
- pts-core: Various code clean-ups
- pts-core: Add DefaultBrowser tag to user-config.xml to allow the user to override the web browser auto detection
- pts-core: Add extract-from-result-file option for extracting a single test run from a merged results file
- pts-core: Various bug fixes from Deanjo
- pts-core: Cleanup and revise PTS installation External Dependency functions
- pts-core: Add list-installed-dependencies option
- pts-core: Add list-missing-dependencies option
- pts-core: Add view option to GTK2 GUI for displaying available tests based upon external dependency criteria
- pts-core: Add SKIP_TESTS environmental variable for specifying test identifier(s) (delimited by comma) to override and skip from testing
- pts-core: Rewrite pts_generate_graphs() so that it can be supported for Phoronix Global / Phoromatic usage
- pts-core: Add UsePhodeviCache option to user-config.xml for toggling whether to enable Phodevi smart cache for PTS
- pts-core: Add support for test install scripts to write an install-exit-status where if it's set to a value not 0 it means install failed
- phodevi: Support monitoring the system temperature from the ACPI TZ00 thermal zone
- phodevi: Fix in Xfce 4 desktop version detection
- phodevi: Report video memory detection for some GPUs, at least when using the xf86-video-ati driver
- phodevi: Report video memory size for GPUs where the driver in use is Mesa
- pts: Add dcraw test profile for RAW image decoding benchmark
- pts: Add sudokut test profile for a Sudoku solver benchmark
- pts: Add fftw3-development external dependency for Fast Fourier Transform 3 library
- pts: Add blas-development external dependency for Basic Linear Algebra Subroutine library
- pts: Add lapack-development external dependency for LAPACK
- pts: Add cmake external dependency for cmake
- pts: Add boost-development external dependency for Boost development libraries
- pts: Add bzip2-development external dependency for BZIP2 development libraries
- pts: Add nero2d test profile for Open FMM Nero2D TM/TE electromagnetic software solver
- pts: Add minion test profile for Minion solver
- pts: Support using multiple threads for FFmpeg test profile
- pts: Update filesystem test suite
- pts: Add External Dependencies support for Zenwalk Linux distribution
- pts: Update disk test suite
- pts: Drop system-disk test suite, since basically the same as the disk test suite
- pts: Update linux-system test suite
- toggle_screensaver: Support using gconftool-2 for toggling GNOME screensaver

Phoronix Test Suite 2.0.0 Alpha 1
May 10, 2009

- pts-core: Support 1.70 mode ratio in hw_gpu_available_modes() which will allow auto-resolution to select 1024x600 on netbooks
- pts-core: Initial support for being able to select multiple test/suite/result entries from the notebook menu area
- pts-core: Fix bug where remove-all-results option would not actually remove the results
- pts-core: Add EnvironmentTestingSize option for test profiles that require extra space on the HDD during testing process
- pts-core: Begin work on Phodevi: Phoronix Device Interface
- pts-core: With auto-* test options for disks, ensure the directory/point is writable
- pts-core: Allow FORCE_TIMES_TO_RUN to be a lower value than what is defined
- pts-core: Do not ask to display web browser when DISPLAY is not set
- pts-core: When launching the GUI from a menu and it fails, show an error message in the web browser
- pts-core: Move contents of pts-core/media/ into pts-core/static/
- pts-core: Add initial Phoromatic module
- pts-core: Provide hard-coded paths when using PTS auto-* run options within a non-client environment
- pts-core: Add OVERRIDE_VIDEO_MODES environmental variable for overriding video modes
- pts-core: Add support for recursive sub-menus in the GTK2 GUI
- pts-core: Reorganize menus in GTK2 GUI
- pts-core: Add support for logging into Phoronix Global from GTK2 GUI
- pts-core: Move sensor functions over to Phodevi framework using phodevi::read_sensor()
- pts-core: Don't let pts_test_run_manager add another test request if the test with identical settings has already been added
- pts-core: Don't enable defauts/check buttons on GTK2 GUI until something is selected
- pts-core: Enable system tray icon for GTK2 GUI
- pts-core: Report number of tests/suites/results in GTK2 notebook area above the select menu
- pts-core: Fix bug that would drop raw results value when merging test results
- pts-core: Provide smart caching for Phodevi to store software/hardware information that will not change between reboots
- pts-core: Add list-installed-suites option
- pts-core: Add list-unsupported-tests option
- pts-core: Allow selecting multiple tests/suites to run at once from GTK2 GUI
- pts-core: Fix GtkComboBox segmentation fault from GTK2 GUI
- pts-core: Fix for NexentaCore operating system detection
- pts-core: Set downloading timeout in pts_download() to 20 seconds
- pts-core: Add finish-run option for completing remaining tests on an incomplete saved results file
- pts-core: Fix file-locking system on tests where tests are not properly installed
- pts: Update build-php test profile to use PHP 5.2.9
- pts: Set bork and compress-* test profiles to use the EnvironmentTestingSize tag
- pts: Add Popt to PTS External Dependencies using popt generic name
- pts: Add dbench test profile for the DBench disk benchmark
- pts: Add dbench test profile to relevant suites
- pts: Update sqlite test profile to SQLite 3.6.13
- pts: Add gmpbench test profile for GMP / GMPbench testing
- pts: Add pgbench test profile for PostgreSQL testing
- pts: Add tiobench test profile for Threaded I/O benchmark
- pts: Add NUMA External Dependencies support using numa-development generic name
- pts: Add crafty test profile for popular chess engine benchmark
- pts: Add opstone-vsp test profile for Opstone Vector Scalar Product benchmark
- pts: Add opstone-svsp test profile for Opstone Sparse-Vector Scalar Product benchmark
- pts: Add opstone-svd test profile for Opstone Singular Value Decomposition benchmark
- pts: Add opstone test suite of all opstone-* test profiles
- pts: Add cachebench test profile
- pts: Add apache test profile for Apache Benchmark
- pts: Add server test suite of server tests
- pts: Update build-mysql test profile download links
- pts: Add curl to PTS External Dependencies for curl and curl library
- pts: Specify SPECViewPerf version within Title for specviewperf9 and specviewperf10 to workaround bug
- pts: Support more test profiles on Mac OS X, OpenSolaris, BSD
- bilde_renderer: Drop integrated TTF font, switch to detecting installed system TTF fonts
- pts_Graph: Tweak bar graph text settings
- install-sh: Copy phoronix-test-suite.desktop to /usr/share/applications/ for the GUI