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Latest Release
Phoronix Test Suite 5.8.1
Released on 23 June 2015


Phoronix The Phoronix Test Suite was developed out of the tools developed at since its founding in 2004. The Phoronix Test Suite is designed for Linux benchmarking but also supports other operating systems. Read more about the Phoronix Test Suite. was launched with Phoronix Test Suite 3.0 as a means of sharing benchmark results with the greater community, collectively collaborate over test results, store test profiles and test suites within a centralized cloud repository, and carry out other tests. Visit to learn more.


Phoromatic Phoromatic is an enterprise-designed component to the Phoronix Test Suite to centrally manage entire test farms/clusters of systems, carry out tests on a time or triggered basis, and provide support for other centralized test management purposes. Learn more at

Commercial Support

Commercial Support The Phoronix Test Suite's future development is dependent upon the continued support from organizations and other stakeholders taking advantage of this long-standing, open-source benchmarking software. We are happy to offer custom engineering services, commercial support, sponsorship of new open-source software features, custom test profiles, and other commercial support options for those interested in helping advance this automated Linux benchmarking software. Contact us to learn more.

PTS Desktop Live 2010.1

PTS Desktop Live is a Linux distribution designed to provide a free software platform for carrying out system tests and hardware benchmarks in an automated, reproducible, and effective manner. PTS Desktop Live is designed around the Phoronix Test Suite with the operating system itself consisting of a stripped down Linux environment, then built upon that is the Phoronix Test Suite with its test profiles and suites. This distribution is not a standard Linux desktop with the normal throng of packages. Testing with PTS Desktop Live is intended to be via a Live DVD or Live USB (i.e. flash drive or memory card) environment. PTS Desktop Live makes it very easy to deploy the Phoronix Test Suite across an array of systems, isolates any software differences when seeking to perform hardware comparisons, and is designed to be very easy to carry out these Linux benchmarks even for a first-time Linux user.


- Test Your Computer For Stability Problems, Measure Your System's Performance
- Phoronix Test Suite 2.4.1 Integration
- 40+ Test Profiles Available On Disc
- GTK GUI For Managing The Benchmarking Process
- Share Results With Others Via Phoronix Global
- Simplified Linux Desktop
- All Benchmarking Done In A Live Environment, No Need To Install To Hard Drive

System Requirements:

- Intel / AMD x86_64 CPU
- 2GB+ of RAM Recommended
- Internet Connection Recommended
- ATI, NVIDIA, or Intel Graphics

More information on PTS Desktop Live is available in this Phoronix article: Announcing PTS Desktop Live 2009.3. Support for PTS Desktop Live is available through the Phoronix Test Suite mailing list and forums. View the online documentation.


The initial release of this Linux distribution was PTS Desktop Live 2009.3 (codenamed "Gernlinden"), which was succeeded by PTS Desktop Live 2010.1 (codenamed "Anzhofen") in February of 2010.

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